2. IP Address Book - Questions and Answers

I have a question about the privacy. Are my address book entries visible to anyone else or are they being shared with anyone, including advertisers? I know that many free email service providers do this, in order to make money and keep their services free.

No. Whether you own a free or premium account with TraceMyIP, your address book information remains private. TraceMyIP is proud to be a provider that cares about the privacy of its customers.

What is an IP Tag Invitation?

An IP Tag Invitation is feature that allows you easily to bookmark ip addresses of your customers, friends or family. If you have multiple websites and you would like to know when any of your websites are visited by people you know, you can send them an IP Tag Invitation. When they receive this invitation, they will be able to approve your request and become tagged. Next time they visit any of your websites, you will see an address book icon associated with their IP address on your logs.

Furthermore, if their IP address changes at any time, TraceMyIP will still be able to track them for you in most cases.

When I tag a visitor, does that visitor know I did it?

Absolutely not. Tagging is an internal procedure executed exclusively under your account. It does not notify the visitor that he or she has been tagged. Therefore your tracking activity remains 100% private.

When I upgrade my account, will my ip address book information and tags disapear?

No. All your information will stay the same. When you upgrade, your account will simply be improved in functionality and be provided with more storage space for your data.

On the left side of my contacts list, there are index letters and abbreviations, such as all, cat, fav, tag,pen. What do those mean?

[ all ] - List all contacts
[ cat ] - Select category
[ fav ] - Favorite contacts
[ pen ] - Contacts with a pending IP tag request

What does "Format Use Numbers" mean?

If you live in the United States, you can simply enter the phone numbers as 1234567890 and check the box "Format Us Numbers" and your phone number will be automatically formatted as 123-456-7890 for easy reading. You can even enter 1-800-FREE-IPS and the system will decode the letters into the numbers while saving the contact information.

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