2. Campaign tracker FAQs, questions and answers

I already have a tracemyip.org account. Is there anything I should know about?

When you install a Website Visitor Tracker on your website, any campaigns are already automatically tracked collectively in the pool of data. However, you may want to keep track of specific campaigns and otherwise take advantage of Campaign Tracker's full abilities. To do this, you need to create a new Campaign Tracker and generate a custom landing page URL to give to your campaign service provider. This will allow visitors' clicks to pass additional information, such as the keywords they used to find your ads and the IDs of the ads clicked.


What are variables?

Variables are dynamic values that change based on your visitors' individual actions. For example, if a visitor submitted a query for "flowers" in a search engine, and you are using a variable for Query String, the term "flowers" would be automatically processed by tracemyip.org for the Query String, in place of the variable's name. Note that variables are different for each campaign provider, and it is the job of each campaign provider, not tracemyip.org, to replace them with appropriate values. Usually, variables are denoted by some sort of symbol or brackets.


Is it important to be exact when entering values into Campaign Tracker?

Yes. If you want tracemyip.org to log your statistics under the same campaign provider, you must ensure that this value is exactly the same across all your campaigns for the same provider, or you may end up with multiple categories.


What is a landing page?

The landing page is the first web page users see after clicking on your online advertisement.


What is a "bounced" visit?

When a user clicks on your ad and visits the landing page, two things can happen: either they can continue with investigating your product or service; or they can leave. By default, when a visitor only goes on your landing page and does not continue, they are considered "bounced", unless they decide to explore your website. Essentially what this value can tell you is how many visitors are actually interested in your business and how many leave after seeing their first impression of your website. A high value can also suggest that you need more accurate and relevant ads or a more attractive landing page. 


How exactly does a conversion page work?

After a user decides to explore your website, they may end up contacting you for more information or purchasing your product or service. At that point, after a payment procedure, they will usually be redirected to and see a "thank you" page on your website. Upon visiting this page, the user is considered "converted". Campaign Tracker can detect conversion by a match string from your conversion page URL, or a JavaScript code that you can place on the conversion page that can pass variables to your Campaign Tracker - for example, the value of items purchased and contact information for the converted visitor.


tracemyip.org has detected fraud clicks on my campaign! What are those?

Occasionally, your website may be met by swindlers or other malicious users who will repeatadly click on your ad in hopes of causing damage. When the same user clicks on your ad more than several times, tracemyip.org detects subsequent clicks as frauds to let you know that some clicks may be coming from a narrow range of visitors.


What currency is Cost Per Click in?

It really does not matter - this data is only a reference for you, and can be based on whatever currency you desire. Just make sure to keep it uniform throughout!


I still have a problem! What do I do?

Contact TraceMyIP directly by submitting a support ticket through the Help menu.

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