1. What is website visitor tracker and how it works

Website Visitor Tracker is an implementation of software and hardware technology that allows tracking people's browsing activity as they view web pages with content distributed on the Internet.

To simplify the concept, here's how web visitor tracking works:

  • You select a tracker icon style and create your own visitor tracking account with TraceMyIP.
  • The system will provide you with a small visitor tracking code which you place either in the header of footer of your website. This code is simply a link to a software program that's located on one of the TraceMyIP web servers.
  • When a person visits your website where the visitor tracker code is installed, his or her computer downloads the contents of your web page, with all images and text, including TraceMyIP tracker. Only the pages where the code is installed can be tracked with TraceMyIP.
  • Next, TraceMyIP analyzes the connection between your website visitor's computer and TraceMyIP server, identifying the visitor's IP address. At this point, the IP address and other data associated with that visitor is compared against millions of database records to identify the origin of the connection, while determining the latitude and longitude of the incoming connection. The location of each visitor is approximate to protect each visitor's privacy. If an exact street address location is needed, a police warrant may be required.
  • Once all the visitor data is acquired, it's recorded into your TraceMyIP tracking account, which you can access with a login name and a password that you create during the subscription process.

Although TraceMyIP is relatively easy to use and developers apply their best efforts to simplify the user interface, the system itself is a very complex implementation with over 6500 pages of manually written code and thousands of hours of developers' time invested. The system is continuously being monitored, improved and optimized on a daily basis.

TraceMyIP also features additional tools such as:

  • Page Tracker - track and control access to individual pages using allow and block rules based on the visitor's IP address, country of origin and daily timeframe.
  • Link Tracker - monitor any specific outbound or inbound link and create access or block rules based on the visitor's IP address, country of origin and daily timeframe.
  • Campaign Tracker - monitor any online advertising campaign for clicks, associated page views, bounced visits, suspected click fraud, conversion count and earnings and advertising costs based on a pay per click scheme. Track individual visitor's activity generated by your advertising campaign activity
  • IP Address Book - Tag (bookmark) visitors on your logs, and track their IP changes while easily identifying returning and frequent visitors on your logs.
Please use the menu on the left to read more about each individual feature and instructions on its usage.

For Frequently Asked Questions, please see this page: FAQ

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