1. What is an IP Address Book and how it works

IP Address Book is a full featured online contact info manager with one distinct feature - it helps you to track and identify your web page visitors.

How does it track the visitors? It uses an IP Tagging feature that allows you to "Bookmark" your website visitors, while attaching a full contact information and a custom icon to an IP address of any given visitor. Once you’ve tagged your visitor, you’ll be able to quickly identify that visitor throughout all your logs with help of custom notes and a visitor avatar that will appear each time a tagged visitor has looked at your website.

Another useful feature of the IP Address Book is detection of an IP address change. Even if your tagged visitors change their IPs, the IP Address Book in most cases will detect the change and alert you of that change on your traffic log. This is great to track those visitors who either use mobile internet devices and connect using different Internet Service Providers, or simply change their IP numbers if a dial up Internet service is used.

To tag a website visitor, you have two options:

1. Click on the TAG button on your logs
2. Use an IP Tag Invitation

For more information on using the above options, please read the "How To's" IP Address Book section of this manual.

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