[Update Code] status icon is displayed on my web page instead of the tracker icon

When you navigate to your pages where the TraceMyIP tracker icon has been previously installed, you see another icon that displays [UPDATE CODE] text instead.

There are two reasons for your TraceMyIP tracker icon to change to the [UPDATE CODE] status icon:

  1. You have deleted your project and the tracker code is no longer assigned to a valid tracking partition
  2. Your TraceMyIP account is no longer active or has been deleted from the system if you have ignored expiration account messages sent to your primary email address on file. Inactive and expired and not renewed accounts are automatically deleted by the system if the account owner has not renewed his or her account

If you have an [UPDATE CODE] status icon displayed on your web page, you will need to remove the inactive TraceMyIP tracker code and replaced it with a new valid code by generating a new project and a code. If your TraceMyIP account has been purged by the system, you can sign up for a new account tracemyip.org

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